Sick and Tired of the Rain

06 May 2022


A portrait of the fighter MACH Sakurai prior to DREAM 14, in 2010. Originally published at

Monday, May 24th, 2010

The MACH dojo is a small rectangular room on the bottom floor of a short building North of Shinjuku at the Sugamo train stop. It is a damp afternoon. There are piles of shoes, sandals and boots scattered under the awning of the gym and... Read More »

Debra Lynn Hartrum (1956-2021)

12 Nov 2021


“If you should ever leave me
Though life would still go on, believe me
The world could show, nothing to me
So what good would living do me
God only knows what I'd be without you.”


The matriarch of the Hartrum family, Debra Lynn Hartrum, took her last breath in Charlotte, North Carolina on November 12th, 2021. She passed on... Read More »


10 Aug 2020

New Recording from The Talking Book

Narrated By Elisabeth Lagelee, THE DIARY OF ANAIS NIN is the published version of Anaïs Nin’s own private manuscript diary, which she began at age 11 in 1914 during a trip from Europe to New York with her mother and two brothers. Nin would later say she had begun the diary as a letter to her father, Cuban composer Joaquín Nin, who... Read More »

New Story 'Mysterious Morning' on The Nervous Breakdown

30 Jul 2019


It was the early morning in Kabukicho. The sun was only just up and everything was weird and tinted blue. The breeze pushed a piss smell from the gutters. There were cigarette butts in puddles along the curb. I was alone in front of a Family Mart. I didn’t know why I was alone. The morning light continued to open the corners.[Read More]

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2 of My Stories in FONDLE MAGAZINE

24 Sep 2015


Like A Slow Bird (excerpt)

An attractive girl in a white, Victorian-style dress sat down next to John in an old coffee shop on the West side of Shinjuku. It was nearly dusk and the large yellow windows over the counter, the scuffed chairs and smoke-stained walls made everything appear worn and dirty. John was reading a book of stories called Men Without Women. He liked... Read More »

BIG TIME // Excerpt

02 Sep 2015

The man took the child’s hand and carried all the persimmons in the front of his shirt and the boy was laughing as they turned down a narrow street towards the Kanda river.

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Beach Fiction #3

10 Feb 2014

Being a large version of a small thing does it. The big, shiny brown ones that sit on the walls at night and wind up on your face before you wake to smacking yourself as the son of a bitch takes off behind the headboard. Most people have a natural distaste for the fuckers, but Linda was one of those women who lost her head every time she saw anything... Read More »

I Interviewed Artist Shi Shi Yamazaki for TYO

11 Sep 2013

I was able to convince Shi Shi Yamazaki to take part in an interview before her new show opened up at ROCKET in Harajuku last week.

ShiShi: I was born and grew up in the suburbs of Tokyo. I was very talkative, and I used to make bunny ears or something like baikin man’s ears (a character from a famous TV show for children, Anpanman ) and wore them... Read More »


28 Jun 2013


My Tokyo art project (executed alongside web design genius of AD Regan) TYO mag has birthed a 3rd issue. The title of the issue is 三 (san) which means three. Within it you’ll find:

Illustrations by Japanese animator/ mask creator Shishi Yamazaki A short story by the artist Jack McLean A short story by the writer Marc Kaufman Illustrations by Mitzi Akaha Paintings by Tomo Ishii A short... Read More »


10 May 2013

My old comic-making partner in crime Joseph Tenney has a new blog about his adventures in comics. The site is just up, but there’s a cool video about why he does what does. We used to make a comic called Bastards Of The Infinite together. Youth!

King Capricorn/ J. Tenney

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Joseph Tenney for MAGIC SOFT

13 Mar 2013


My good friend & artist Joesph Colt Tenney made this illustration based on my short fiction MAGIC SOFT that appeared in Tyomag #2. You can read that and other cool Tokyo works at This piece was made using gauche, zippy-tone and yellow paper for the flowers. Joseph is a comic book illustrator and visual artist. He lives in North Carolina, USA.

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TYOmag's Second Issue

12 Mar 2013

We released the second issue of Tokyo based art and literary magazine known as It has been a relative success, attracting attention from some notable artists and a few quality digital publications. This issue is called KABUKICHO.  It contains paintings, poetry, short fiction, photography and sequential art by Tokyo based artists. I included a chapter from a long piece of fiction I’ve been working... Read More »

Favorite Films Of 2012

22 Feb 2013

"The Master"

(originally published at the now defuct

Anybody will do for you. Not for me. I must have somebody, and with the Oscars (silly as they may be) just hours away, paired with the time-honored tradition of self-indulgence, I’ve decided to put forth a list of my favorite films of 2012. Better late than never. God bless cinema and all her pretty whores.

The Top... Read More »

New Tokyo Based Art/ Literary website Promises to be Cool

18 Sep 2012

TYO is a three-letter abbreviation that may refer to:

Tokyo, Japan IATA airport code for all airports in the Tokyo metropolitan area The Tokyo Stock Exchange New art and literary website from Tokyo, Japan.

A good friend and young poet Duncan Regan and I have started a very modest publishing platform in Tokyo called TYO. The mission of the website is to digitally publish... Read More »

Sketches of a recent beach...

24 Jun 2012

—Every year our gang travels, in an erratic caravan, to the barrier islands of the Outer Banks, those losing strips of North Carolina locked in an unceasing decay between the unmoving sounds and wearing forces of the Atlantic. The excursions began in the spring of 2002 (assorted Carolina beaches, North and South) and have continued for 10 years, which may not seem long, but the photographs... Read More »

Kawabata Among The Sleeping Beauties

22 Jun 2012

川端 康成 Kawabata Yasunari

Recently I finished a story by a Japanese novelist named Yasunari Kawabata. House of Sleeping Beauties (眠れる美女Nemureru Bijo) is a short novel about a sort of brothel that caters to very old men. These men pay to sleep next to young, naked women who are drugged with a very potent sleeping medicine. The girls are in... Read More »

Tiger Revisited

08 May 2012

After many months and a new とら, TKO has resumed shooting the adventures of Kid Tiger. Due to a series of mishaps, we lost the original actor (may you fly truly, Dan Herbertson) to the gentlemanly nation of Australia. Paul Butler (a dear friend and fellow Carolinian) has been kind enough to take up the mask for one more shot at the prize. Below are a couple pictures from shooting on... Read More »


03 Apr 2012


French whores with painted faces in ornate dresses smoking opium near the turn of the century appear lost and sad and beautiful in Bertrand Bonello’s House of Tolerance (L’Apollonide Souvenirs de la maison close/ 2011). The audience is given an uncensored view of an upscale French brothel somewhere along the Parisian countryside where repetitive nights seem endless, save the occasional lazy afternoon spent near the river, mutilation, new... Read More »

Tanka Poem by Hiroshi Homura 穂村弘

05 Mar 2012

Tanka is a short poem 短歌. It is one of the traditional forms of Japanese verse. Recently, a friend asked me to read this one by Hiroshi Homura and I haven’t been able to forget it.


elephant’s dung in the savanna

listen to me

I am drowsy, heartbreaking

terrifying, lonely


Original Japanese:


sabanna no zô no unko yo kiite kure darui setsunai kowai samishii

... Read More »


28 Nov 2011

Below is the script idea for THE SECOND FALL of KID TIGER. It is the humble sequel to CREME. We’re shooting the existential wanderings through the city and by the sea in our free time.

Original Script
Written by K. Hartrum

TIGER GETS... Read More »


20 Sep 2011

The town was thick with the smell of grass and earth. It was the end of April and I’d been back for nearly a month. Nights spent drinking Dad’s Millers and sitting on the big porch with Mom talking about the long ago in California, my childhood, her sisters and when she was a girl. I was weary and pissed about being away from the city... Read More »


20 Sep 2011

*REJOICE, because the sun rises in the tiny hours of the morning with the bull-stained troops continuing their chanting. Someone hollers “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” and then an echoing crack– balloon filling rapidly to a taught, purple end.

It’s 7 in the morning on the 1st of January. The warm glaze from a bottle of Jameson paired with the salt-watery GHB retreats. A loud crash through a... Read More »